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Policies & Procedures

1. Homeschooling: Aztec Home Schooling (AHS) is not a school and is not affiliated with any public or private school. AHS is a business which facilitates home school programs to individuals wishing to finish their education in a home school setting. Homeschooling is non-accredited and does not require accreditation because it is a state and federal approved program. Although home schooling is legal and valid in every state and every resident has the right to establish a home school, some states may require notification if you are under the compulsory age of attendance. AHS may help but is not responsible if the applicant does not notify the state of their wish to complete their high school education in a home school setting. A person is not locked into any type of program. A person who wishes to return to a public program must be accepted at the age appropriate level and grade. 2. Native American Students: All Native Americans that wish to participate in the AHS program must get documentation that their Tribal Council acknowledges and accepts homeschooling. Not all Tribal Councils recognize home school diplomas as valid on sovereign tribal lands. 3. Completing your home school packet: Your home school curriculum and orange folder with answer sheet & autobiography must be completed and returned within one (1) year from your date of registration. Your date of registration is the date that the AHS office in Albuquerque receives your full payment. Your packet must be returned to the home office in Albuquerque through a set appointment or by US Mail Delivery Confirmed (DO NOT send Signature Confirmed). If desired, when you return your materials you may set a time for a consultation of the evaluation. Within 30 days of AHS receiving your materials your evaluation will be completed. You may use a calculator, internet, books or library services. You must complete all the work yourself. You may not get answers from another person who is or has registered with AHS. If at the discretion of AHS you have copied your answers from another source you will fail and a diploma will not be issued. 4. Graduation – Home School Diploma: Aztec Home Schooling will issue a Home School Diploma to anyone who successfully completes their program. If you do not successfully complete your program other materials may be necessary at an additional charge. Understand that payment does not guarantee a diploma and not everyone who enrolls with AHS receives a diploma. A Home School Diploma is not a GED, public or private school diploma. A Home School Diploma is legal, valid and is accepted by city, state, county, federal, military services and colleges as long as the person meets the requirements of the institution. Merely possession of any diploma does not guarantee admission to any program. 5. Money Back Agreement: You have 30 calendar days to request a refund of the Diploma Kit and Testing costs. In order to receive a refund a person is required to sign a refund release form and must return all materials received from AHS. After 30 days or once a Home School Diploma has been issued, there is no refund. If a person is denied entry into any school or institution because they are unable to pass any entry requirements a refund will not be issued. It is your responsibility to know all entry requirements for the institution you wish to attend. 6. Release of Information: I authorize Aztec Home Schooling (AHS) and those acting pursuant to its authority to record and use my name, likeness, voice, appearance, participation and biographical material. AHS may exhibit or distribute such information in whole or in part, without restrictions or limitation, for any educational or promotional purpose which Aztec Home Schooling and those acting pursuant to its authority deem appropriate. 7. Aztec Home Schooling has the right to refuse service to anyone. A person who violates this agreement will be dis-enrolled from the program without refund. Any attempt to defraud or to use the Aztec Home Schooling name without prior approval will be investigated. Any person who claims that they earned a diploma facilitated through AHS and have not, regardless of financial arrangements, will be dropped from our program without refund. If known, a letter will be sent to appropriate organizations indicating that the client attempted to defraud and misrepresent themselves and the intent of AHS. Your acceptance of the Policies & Procedures is acknowledged by your signature on the printed AHS registration form or by clicking “I Accept” on the online AHS registration form.

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